Rim - MTB 29" - 25 mm inner width

Product Description

Rims made of carbon
When compared with aluminium, carbon has the decisive advantage that it hardly changes its shape. Consequently, the runner wheel is distinctly more long-lived and less susceptible to side or radial run-out.

Complex layer structure
No two carbons are ever alike. The layer structure and the orientation of the fibers are decisive for the function and stiffness of a carbon component. Our products meet all requirements on low weight, stiffness, comfort and esthetic appearance by a complex mix of woven and non-crimp fabrics.

Monocoque design
A very important aspect of the development was the avoidance of weak points. Our wheel rim is laminated and cured completely in one piece. This may require a higher level of effort but it adds stability, saves weight and makes a homogeneous rim.

35 mm outside width
The wider the rim profile, the better the lateral stiffness of the rim.
Our wide rim profile ensures outstanding stiffness levels of runner wheels in this weight category. Force transmission with no force loss– you will feel it, e.g. when riding out of the saddle.

29 mm height
The height of the rim profile decides the radial stiffness. Radial loads to which the rim is exposed on uneven ground, by bumps or bottoming are reduced by a high profile. The load on the spokes is hardly reduced, which increases the life of the structure directly. Our rims with 29 mm height are the perfect compromise of stiffness and weight. Agility riding and acceleration quick as lightning during sprints are promised.

3.5 mm asymmetry
3.5 mm asymmetry are responsible that the difference between the hub flanges, whose position to the hub center is obviously asymmetrical, is reduced by 7 mm.
The lateral spoke angle and the spoke tension on the right and the left side are adjusted by the asymmetry. Stiffness and life profit from this geometrical intervention.

25 mm inside width
Ideal for tires up to 60 mm width. The inside width of 24.5 mm forces the tire into an ideal shape in which it is supported more effectively on the rim. You can reduce the tire inflation pressure. Cornering stability and traction improve and off-road rolling resistance is lower.

Laminated spoke holes
Another important advantage of our rims is the pre-compressed laminated spoke holes, which are not drilled – this means no fibers are cut through, which adds even more stability to the runner wheels. Besides, it protects the rim from spoke strip.

Preformed ball-head nipple seats
To ensure a perfect fit on the nipples in the rim you need the right nipple seat. The nipple seats in our rims are preformed, compressed and adapted specifically to the nipple geometry of Sapim and DT Swiss nipples.

Tubeless offers a number of advantages. Flats are rare – snake-bites are a thing of the past. Lower inflation pressure provides better grip, traction, comfort and riding pleasure. The rolling resistance is reduced and propulsion guaranteed. Our rim base is suitable for tubeless ties of all common makes.


Material:Carbon Prepreg
Design:UD matt
Range of use:MTB
Brake system:Disc only
ERD:29" - 580 mm
Asymmetric:3,5 mm
Width outside:35 mm
Width inside:25 mm
Tire:Tubeless, Tubeless Ready, folding tire, wired-on tire
Spoke holes:28
Max. system weight:125 kg
Weight:365 g
Price:688,90 €