Product Description

One seat post, many possibilities.

The offset of a seat post is not as easy to quantify as may seem. If you focus on what is essential you will find quickly that the offset is limited only by two components. One is the clamping plate of the seat post and the other is the length of the seat rail. Our short clamping plate provides a wide range for seat adjustment.

Outstanding performance.

Our seat posts are optimum in terms of durability, comfort and weight. At present, hardly any post uses carbon as material more efficiently than our posts do.

We use complex sophisticated asymmetrical layer design of varying diameter, length and range of adjustment. Only this development effort and the high-precision manual manufacture, at our site in Germany, guarantee the high stability, the low weight and our exceptionally outstanding manufacture.

You can install seats both with round stays or highly oval carbon seat rails with a high adjustment range on our 2-screw clamping mechanism with high-strength aluminium clamping parts and high-precision, black carbon rocker and black high-precision titanium screws.

The clamp is of sufficient stability not to fail in excess load situations and the long seat support places less stress on the seat rail.

Our seat post is Di2 compatible! All models fit to the Shimano battery SM-BTR2. For the clamping we recommend to use the “Energieträger”, which can be obtained in our online shop. Please make sure to choose the correct seat post diameter.


Material post:Carbon Prepreg
Material screws:Titan Ti6Al4V (DIN 912)
Color screws:black
Clamping plate material:EN AW-7075 T6 Aluminium
Half-shell material:Carbon Prepreg
Design:UD matt
Range of use:MTB, race, cyclo-cross
Features:Di2 ready
Max. drivers weight:100 kg
Diameter:25,4 mm | 27,2 mm | 30,9 mm | 31,6 mm
Overall length:320 mm | 420 mm
Standard pullout: length 320 mm: 100 mm - 220 mm
length 420 mm: 200 mm - 320 mm
Weight:from 122 g table of weights
Price:298,90 €